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SK Artistry, Photography by Sindea (Formerly, Sindea Horste Photography) has been in business and creating fun, beautiful, and emotive images since 1995, give or take a few years off to have a child or two, or three...

Please take the time to look around, check out what I have to offer, then send me a note to inquire about a session.

Sindea's LittleFamily

Who is Sindea?

Sindea (which sounds like Cindy, but do not feel

badly if you mispronounce it, most people do!)

has had a camera in hand since she was about

5 years old. Growing up, everything was a photo

and she could not wait to learn how to create

beautiful images. Starting out in film, she was

a yearbook and college newspaper editor and

photographer, and began a career in portrait

photography in 1995. She started off with wed-

dings and family portraits, and after a few years

she switched gears away from weddings and

into birth (back before it was even acceptable!).

She spent 20 years doing birth work, as well as

families, newborns, children, seniors, and boud-

oir. In 2017, she retired from birth work to have

a baby of her own. She then refocused her love

of photography to boudoir, seniors, & lifestyle

sessions for newborns and young families. To

keep the creative juices flowing & interesting,

she also enjoys business branding sessions &

cake smash sessions ( for any age!).

About Raleigh

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Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful. For beauty is God's handwriting. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Your session is as unique as you are.

We will work together to plan, customize, and create the session that is just right for you. This means something

different for everyone, which is also why it is so fun! I could go on and on about what a session with me is like, but

that would take a really long time, to go into details on every type of session, so I suggest you hop on over to my details

page (see that drop down menu above!), and have a little look-see there. Then check out my portfolio, and lastly, go ahead

and send me a message to see if we are a good fit!


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